Who I AM

The Philosophy

The Philosophy

The Philosophy

I work with individual adults and adolescents, couples, and families.  I am experiential during the therapeutic process and utilize many creative techniques to connect with people including music, movies, sports, photography, and other creative outlets to find hidden strengths to get individuals through the journey of life.  The goal is for us to collaborate on improving your life now and my hope is when someone leaves my office, they leave in a better place than when the session began and that is the mission each time you visit.

The Focus

The Philosophy

The Philosophy

My focus is to work hard to develop a strong relationship so that an essential foundation of trust can be established toward a successful outcome.  This is followed therapeutically by a carefully designed set of stern challenges so that an individual or couple can remove negative influences and communication struggles on their path to all they want to be.  I am a teacher/counselor who is teaching skills and strategies while listening at the same time and I vow to restore hope where it has previously been lost.

The Promise

The Philosophy

The Promise

I promise to join you on the journey of life to make your tomorrow different than it was today.  I wish to help you communicate better, find deeper connections to your faith and relationships, grow from your struggles, transform from your pain, and move forward with a new normal in your life.  I have been fortunate to have witnessed many significant successes including restored marriages with renewed vows, complex addictions to active recovery, and wayward adolescents who have grown into thriving young adults.


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Marriage & Family Therapy

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and enjoy every aspect of what I do.  I operate from a strengths-based model of therapy that joins you in your pain to allow you to transform it into something useful.   Currently, I spend a better part of my time working with couples who are struggling in their dance and partnership together through the painful effects of infidelity, unbalanced parenting, and an overall lack of communication. I join together with each person to renew commitments and create a new relationship that tolerates differences and finds better ways of relating to each other. This journey can be challenging, but worthwhile whether one is in a fractured relationship or one that just wants to be better. 


School Based Programming

I have been fortunate to work in multiple school settings and was a part of some groundbreaking programming to improve school climate including anti-bullying, school based family therapy, and character building.  I have been piloting a program called Project R.E.A.L. in a handful of area schools which blends character education and prevention science for middle and high school students and their parents.  


Corporate Coaching

I partner with area businesses to offer customized wellness presentations and offerings to improve organizational culture and behavior.  I offer sessions on team building, work/life balance, relationships, communication, conflict resolution, anger management, grief/loss, and many more.  

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Mark A. Parrish, LMFT

9850 Von Allmen Court #201, Louisville, Kentucky 40241, United States

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